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Ina’s miracle facials. By Lorri Proudfoot.  

I am now 50 years old. I met Ina approximately 4 years ago when I went for a pedicure. She noticed that my complexion was terrible–it had lots of scars from teenaged acne, uneven skin color, large under-the-skin cysts, large pores, and oily skin. I had been under the care of a dermatologist for 7 years in my younger years, and never been treated successfully for severe acne during those years. Most products I tried on my face resulted in more and ongoing outbreaks of acne. I truly believed that I was doomed to have ugly skin for my entire life. Ina said she was very good with “problem skin” and kindly suggested that she could save my skin, and give it the smooth, pimple-free appearance I had always wanted. Skeptical at first, I agreed that I would have one of her facials, more just to get her to drop the subject than because I believed it was possible.

So, she gave me a facial, and after just the first one there was a noticeable improvement in texture, smaller pores and a more even skin tone. She continued giving me monthly facials, and for the first time since I had reached puberty, my skin was free of surface pimples, scars were disappearing, and my cysts were dissolving right before my eyes. For the next year, I faithfully followed her suggestions for skin care, and my complexion became normal, smoother, and softer and with closed pores. All my friends were as astonished as I was, and continually commented on how nice my skin was.

Feeling overly confident, I reverted back to my old ways (not properly cleaning my skin, especially at night; going only every few months for a facial). Slowly, it became oily and some pimples started showing up again. I even tried a new product line, one that promised the results that I had become accustomed to under Ina`s loving and competent care. Boy, did I blow it! Soon my skin was littered with large gross pimples, oily and dry at the same time, and my complexion was blotchy again. My pores started to get more obvious. I was ashamed of what I`d done, and so avoided seeing Ina for several months. When I finally did go back to see her, she was horrified! “Whatever you are doing Lorri, stop it immediately! Come, you must have a facial right now!” was Ina’s response. I’m so grateful for her help, and am quickly recovering from my foolish choices, showing huge improvement in a short time. It will take some time to repair the newest damage I’ve done, but I know I need to see Ina monthly and follow her advice completely because she really does know what she’s doing. I depend on her competency in assessing problems and her knowledge of skin care solutions and maintenance. Her advice is honest and comes from the heart, and her love of what she does really shows in the results she gets from her clients. Thank you Ina, for all you have done for me! I`ll never leave you again.

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By Doreen Hawley
For the pasted two years I have consistently used the services of Looking Good Esthetics and their products. Since that time my skin has improved remarkably and the problems of blackheads, acne and wrinkles have nearly diminished. I have extremely sensitive skin and had almost given up hope of having normal young looking skin. When meeting new people I am often taken for being much younger than my years – thanks to Ina and her professional care. Sincerely Doreen Hawley

By Leah Moris.
My name is Leah Moris and my daughter Sarah has been a client at Looking Good Esthetics since age 11. Sarah began breaking out in acne at the age of ten, Ina was very informative and sensitive towards Sarah and treated her with facials, masks and cleansers. Within six months Sarah’s acne was gone and she continues to use cleansers and masks to maintain her skin. Thank you Ina. Leah Moris.

By Bobbi Robertson. For the past three years I was a client of Looking Good Esthetics. My skin has always been a priority. I had done some research on Vitamin C and discovered Ina was selling product called Celex-C. Having had problematic skin all my life I definitely had to be careful of product use. After a discussion with Ina I decided to follow her many years of experience. Under her careful guidance this has proven to be a very positive decision on my part. Each month I have a Hydraderm facial (the pampering I thoroughly), and in between hot wax mask. Included in my daily skin care routine are all the Cellex-C products. The results are most rewarding, as my skin is very often the topic of conversation. The color (I use very little make-up) and texture are exceptional for my age. I am currently in my 70th year. Bobbi Robertson.

By Stephanie
My name is Stephanie and I have been going to Ina for over a year now. I work with people all day long and meet new clients on a weekly basis. The first thing that anyone notices when they meet you is your face and your skin. Having clear skin has made me more confident about my appearance. The first time I saw Ina, she told me that I could have perfect skin if I trusted her. So I trusted her and have been seeing her once a month for the last year. I think that it was one of the best decisions that I have made. My skin is the healthiest it has ever been- it’s clear, smooth, and without any trace of redness. I am now hooked on the Guinot product line and use them religiously. That in conjunction with my monthly facials has completely cleared up my skin. Thanks Ina! Sincerely, Stephanie