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Ina’s advise to all women on how
       to take care of your skin properly 

I am not afraid to say my age… Why? Because I don’ look my age. I am 52 years old and I look much younger! Of course, I know how to do the magic. 
More than 20 years, I am working with skin problems and helping my clients look beautiful. I always shared my beauty secrets with my clients. But now I would like to share them with everyone, who is interested in not wasting money, and wants to look beautiful. 

The best products are always the professional products. The best advise which is good for your skin should be given to you by a professional esthetician, not a salesclerk.

1. Clean your skin properly. Not everybody knows that 50% of your success to having good-looking skin; is how you clean it. After all day our skin is very dirty, because skin is exposed to pollution, sweat, sun, and we touch our skin during the day and so on…. 

So therefore when we came home we have to clean our skin with the right cleanser, which dissolves the dirt, and doesn’t make your skin dry. In the morning do the same procedures, because during our sleep the skin is breathing, and in the morning it is oily and dirty.

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2. Moisturize your skin properly. A good moisturizer cream for your skin, is like good food for your body. Moisturizer hydrates our skin, which means, it bring elasticity. When we have enough elasticity our skin look firm, beautiful and young. Remember never use moisturizer at nighttime! Only daytime. Skin needs moister during the day, not night. During the night, it is good to use some serum, to firm our skin,. I recommend Cellex-C, it has 17.5% ascorbic acid and contains the powerful anti-oxidant. This helps to exercise the muscles in our face while we sleep.

3. MASK.
Every woman should use a mask. Mask it is a treatment for your skin. They’re many different masks .For oily skin a mask helps to clean deep your pores and close them. The moisturizer mask, lightening mask, are masks that helps reduce redness, and so on. Usually I recommend a mask that is suited to your skin once I have had a chance to see your skin type.

4. Exfoliate your skin.
Every week our cells are rejuvenated and if we are not exfoliating the old ones (dead cells) the process is slowed down. Then the skin becomes dry, red, thick and not good-looking.

Eye area is the most sensitive part of our skin. First we start to notice the wrinkles around our eyes about when we are 26-28 years old. We have to take care of our eye area from the time we are 25. You can really see it how it has paid off when you are 50 years old. Again they’re many different products that can help each of us to prevent damage to our under eye. My specialty is working with skin problems such as acne, I have always had a good success rate in this area. My clients always walk away without any scars when a treatment is finished. No one would ever know that there had been any problems. I work with special products for acne treatment.. My clients have stayed with me through the years as they realize maintenance of one’s skin is just as important as the initial treatment. Please come in for a consultation. Sincerely, Ina.