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Ina’s knowledge.  By Shirley Zacharias.  

I was only passing by that is how my life with Ina began. She wasted no time telling me I needed to grow my eyebrows before she could do anything, BUT she could cure my skin problems if I was interested. Cure! Interested! A good part of my life, since 13 years old, had been consumed with varying forms of managing acne and oily skin. From dermatologist to dermatologist, antibiotics to hormones, injections to dermabrasion, what had I not tried and endured? I was curious and asked Ina about her training, background and methodology, and decided then and there to trust her for 6 months. Six months has turned into 2.5 years. Pores and scars have shrunk and faded, skin color and texture is even and healthy looking; rarely do I have a pimple. No more do the oils from my skin burn my eyes; instead I have more normal, hydrated skin.

All this did not happen overnight, but I could see results within a few weeks, and so I continue to see Ina once a month for treatments. I use the products she suggests and follow her routines for me. As my skin changes, so do the products (I am 50), but the basics of cleansing and masks remain a constant. Most rewarding is the confidence I feel: I have beautiful skin, clean and radiant. I implicitly trust now Ina?s knowledge and skills, and the quality products she uses; I will always be her client.

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By Natasha Z.
Hi, My name is Natasha; I am 23 years old. I met Inna five years ago. I was then a teenager, and like everyone in this age, I wanted to be beautiful and popular. I was quite attractive girl, redheaded, with curly hair (my friends call me “Botichelly’s girl”). At the same time I faced the great challenge – ACNE. Pimples and acne Became my nightmare. I fought the problem emphatically; I tried every remedy I could find. I had started with folk remedy and different diets, than I tried the homeopathic remedy and finished with strong antibiotics. Nothing really helped. There were some remission periods, but they did not last for the long time, and with annoying consistency, all the pimples and acne appeared again and again. I felt exhausted and depressed until I met Inna. Fortune smiled to me, I met the highly professional cosmetologist and expert beautician. She spent hours working on my face, and she told me that there would be a long healing process. I followed her instructions meticulously, because I got hope. Results were beyond my expectations. My acne was almost completely gone. Inna also helped me to choose proper cosmetic aids to keep the improvement process ongoing. I love to come to her beauty parlor – it is so cozy and relaxing and makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Thank you very much Inna for you help and I wish you many years of success.

By Andrei
I am 17 year old, I came to Inna about 4 months ago. My face was not so good looking before I came to her place. After my second time I saw that my face is getting better from the way it used to be. After that I did not stop visiting her every to weeks, and my face is getting better every time I go home from her. She helped me so much. She also sold me special mask and soap for my face. It does help.

By Staschia Zahuta
My name is Staschia Zahuta. I have been a client of Ina for the last year or so A year ago my skin was red and blotchy in the T- zone region with dry flaky skin on the surface and areas with breakouts. When I first discussed these problems with INA she suggested facials for the acne and the use of good products from Guinot for oily skin which included cleanser, toner moisturizer, night eye cream, all the essentials. I regularly have an appointment each month. Enjoy my facials, and the time I spend with INA. I have confidently recommended her to a young friend. Ina, I would like to say thank you so much for everything. Staschia.By Heidi.
Hi, my name is Heidi, and I have been coming to see Ina for 2,5 years.Before my first treatment with her, I had been on Accutane for my acne, but as a side affect it had created deep cysts in my poors, creatingng a very bumpy texture to the surface. My first visit with Ina was very encouraging and reliving, knowing that something could be done to help my skin. I had regular treatments with her every month and take home products to help speed the recovery. Having been over two tears now,making sure to follow a set routine, my face is now smooth and clear,and the scars are almost gone. I encourage all of you with the similar problem to trust Ina , and give it a try. As a recommendation follow a set schedule with your facial appointments and the products used at home. Good Luck. 

By Sharon Ewan, 1395 Mill Street, North Vancouver, BC.
I have been a client of Ina’s for the past 2 1/2 years. Initially, I brought my daughter Melissa to see her. Later, my other daughter, Melanie, my son Greg, and I became clients as I saw the wonderful, glowing results and gained confidence in Ina’s knowledge and skill. Ina tailors her facials, products and home skin care instructions to each individual. She combines the latest technology, and skin care products such as Guinot, with traditional herbal remedies, drawing on a wealth of training and knowledge from Russia, Israel and Paris in order to give the client the best skin care outcome possible.

In her capacity as a skin care professional, Ina goes well beyond the role of a technician. She takes pleasure in learning about her clients as she displays an understanding that a person’s whole being is reflected in the skin. When we arrive for an appointment Ina can tell, if we have been neglecting ourselves through the skin she sees. Trained to analyze skin problems, she offers suggestions, instructions and comments that can include lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, attitude as well as skin care regimes. These come from a deeply caring heart, years of study and training, and her personal philosophy of life. I always leave Ina with a glow and a reminder to take care of myself because I am a very special person, as is each one of us. Simply, Ina makes me feel good about me. Through her skill, knowledge, professionalism and caring, she has brought hope and love along with beautiful skin into the lives of my children and myself.

By Amber, Ontario
Since I was a teenager, I have had very large pores and oily skin that breaks out into horribly big pimples that leave brown spots every single time. I am sure I have tried almost every product on the market but nothing ever worked and if it did, it would work temporarily and eventually dry out my skin, creating fine lines which I did not have before! I decided to go under laser resurfacing and endured a very unfortunate experience. I underwent this procedure as I was told by the doctor that it would stop the breakouts, diminish the pore sizes and the brown spots. After the first and only session I was left with multiple (well over a dozen) laser marks on my cheeks. I finally decided to come see Ina and I swear it was the best thing I have ever done for my skin. In just three month, she helped to minimize my brown spots and stopped the breakouts entirely. I use the entire line of Guinot products as well as the Cellex-C ones and I am hooked. Ina knows skin and I trust no one else with mine. I am so thankful I met her when I had a hard time with my skin. I live now in Ontario, I will forever continue to be loyal to her. Thanks Ina, you are really and truly the best. And I mean that!!! Oh and if anyone of your clients doubted, pleas have them email me, or they can call me anytime (you know my f.#). I hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing from you. Love, Amber.

I have suffered from acne since I was 12 years old. I am now 24 and over the years I have been on many types of topical and oral medication, such as Accutane, Diane 35 (birth control pills), Differnin, Minocycline, and Retin A. I even tried Chinese herbal medicine to treat my acne. While these medications would control my acne for a short time period, my acne always returned and often worse. These medications also often had side affects that left my skin feeling very dry, stretched, and thin. The side affects I experienced with Accutane were probably the worst. My eyes became dry such that I could no longer wear my contact lenses and I needed to periodically wet my eyes with eye-drops; my lips were extremely dry such that they often cracked and bled; and my moods became unstable (when I’m normally a very going person).

Finding Ina was like a God-send! Last November, I decided to put my skin care in Ina’s hands because she guaranteed that she could cure my acne problem. I was fairly skeptical (after all I have seen countless doctors and dermatologists). But under Ina’s care and treatment, I have gotten my acne under control and my scars are beginning to fade. My face is looking more healthy and significantly better. I am able to go out in public without makeup and still feel comfortable about my appearance. I no longer have acne and I continue to see Ina on a regular basis to maintain my skin and reduce my scars. I have every confidence in Ina and recommend her to anyone. A BIG THANK YOU AND HUG TO INA, Zera.